COVID-19 Plans

SUCSS will be running sessions in person during the next academic year. This page details our plans for how our sessions will be run.


If you wish to attend one of our sessions, you can attend either by arriving in person or by watching the livestream of the sessions and interacting through our Discord server.

SUCSS is taking all possible precautions to ensure that our in-person events are COVID-secure, in line with government and university guidelines.

Attending In-person

If you want to attend our sessions in person, you will have to:

  • Take a temperature check before entering the session
  • Allow us to scan your ID card before entering the session
  • Wear a face covering at all times whilst at our session
  • Sit at least two metres apart from other individuals that are not in your bubble

If you attend one of our sessions in person and develop symptoms of COVID-19 within a week after the session, which can be found here, you must get tested. If you test positive for coronavirus, you must inform the society that you tested positive.

If an individual tests positive for coronavirus within a week of attending one of our sessions, all attendess of that session must self-isolate for two weeks from the announcement of the positive test. All sessions for two weeks will be conducted remotely.

Attending Remotely

Our sessions will also be livestreamed. A text and voice channel in our Discord will be available to ask questions and to connect to other members of the society.